American Truck Simulator’s Colorado expansion arrives next week


The Great Plains! Rocky Mountains! Denver! More!

Fans of American Truck Simulator’s wonderfully chilled trundling will have a whole new state to explore next Thursday, 12th November, with the arrival of developer SCS’ Colorado expansion.

Colorado will mark the seventh state to be added to American Truck Simulator since its launch in 2016 – following on from Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Idaho – and opens up myriad new routes for long-distance haulers (and landscape oglers) to enjoy across SCS’ own take on the Centennial State.

As with American Truck Simulator’s other states, it’s not an exact recreation, but rather an attempt to distill the essence of Colorado down into a space expansive enough to feel appropriately sweeping, but not so big it takes forever to go anywhere or achieve anything.

To that end, SCS’ Colorado incorporates key geographical landmarks, from the Great Plains to the Rocky Mountains, taking in everything from deep canyons and desert landscapes to woodlands and verdant mountain ranges, including Colorado’s famously picturesque Million Dollar Highway. Major cities including Denver and Colorado Springs have also been recreated, as have points of interest such as the Four Corners Monument.

“Colorado has one of the most unique and varied natural landscapes found in North America,” explains SCS, “From emerald-green national forests to the incredible red rock formations jutting up from the earth at Garden of the Gods, you’ll find it nearly impossible to resist taking the time out of delivering loads to explore the natural beauty this state has to offer.”

SCS’ Colorado expansion also introduces new industries, including a gold mine, and features state-specific Steam achievements, as well as a bunch of new viewpoints for those that like to pull over and take in the sights from a more cinematic perspective.

It also includes three new routes – Denver Airport to Grand Junction, Sterling to Colorado Springs, and Denver Train Depot to Gold Mine near Colorado Springs – for owners of American Truck Simulator’s Special Transport DLC.

If previous paid expansions are any indication, American Truck Simulator’s Colorado DLC should cost £8.99 when it comes to Steam next Thursday, 12th November.